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In terms of design, user experience is just as crucial as visual identity or interface. While the UI is the first thing a user sees, if people can't figure out how to interact with a product or site, the appearance will not be enough to prevent abandonment. Moreover, users need to enjoy their interactions. Be it a task for work, or an application to make their life better, if the experience is frustrating, people will seek an easier alternative.

A great experience is important for any touchpoint, but it is critical for certain types of digital products: complex sites or applications, retail or online sales, start-up sites and businesses, small-budget projects and internal operation software, or sites that are expected to last for an extended period of time.

Neglecting UX can result in a sloppy site or product that people will not come back to. Developing an interaction-rich experience will drive users back again and again. When it comes to poor user experience, the issues are unmistakable and drive negative feedback. In fact, people are more likely to share the problems they have with others more than they would share an account of a good, convenient experience. These problems create a negative emotional connection to the product for users, and are less likely to give something a second chance.

Great UX on the other hand creates a feeling of loyalty and fondness. Users feel the site, application, or tool enhances rather than hinders their life, and thus happily integrate it into their daily routine. A sticky UX will drive user engagement, return rate, and loyalty to the brand.

When I consider user experience, I always strive to create the momentum that propels a business forward, keeping in mind the fact that users decide in just a few seconds whether a site or application is worth their time. These first fleeting interactions are the best opportunity I have to introduce a seamless, enjoyable experience and make the site or application stick with the user.
Intelligent user experiences can be the hook that pulls users in and gives them something to love.