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Product srategy and innovation are the silver bullet to solving many of the challenges we face in the world today. Whether it is answering a question as simple as “how can I make an arduous task something entertaining?” or advanced, such as conceptualizing things not yet imagined on a platform not yet released. With each challenge mastered, we are universally one step closer to achieving the end goal of bringing ease and joy to peoples’ lives.

In my own experiences, I have made strides towards this goal by creating completely new approaches to simplified navigation, content, and news consumption, back-end content management, and providing end-users with enhanced ways to enjoy their favorite content. I’ve also brought ideas to life with detailed client workshops and planned roadmaps, executing these blue sky concepts through new code languages and widget design approaches like flutter. Lastly, I have focused on back-end system design, simplification, and implementation by creating human focused approaches that have saved countless man hours and eased employee task load.

Knowing a product as it stands is critical, but having that historical context is but a small piece of the greater puzzle. Setting a product up to grow and evolve with both user and corporate needs requires collaboration and a true vision for what could be. Fostering a strong relationship with all of the clients I have worked with has allowed me to not only design for today, but offer solutions that have proved to benefit the user, the team, and ultimately the client themselves.

With any project I am involved with, big or small, I look to bring the unexpected, give the world something they haven't seen before, and do so in the most intelligent and well-designed way possible.